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Robert Niewodowski

Game Designer

Hello! I'm Robert Niewodowski. I'm a game designer who is specializes in systems and level design. I graduated in May of 2024 with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and a minor in game programming.


About Me

Growing up playing video games, I have always been interested in the design and development that goes into them.

I have been able to work on a variety of game projects. I've completed projects on my own, with a teammate, and in groups as big as 18. Collaborating with others on team projects has led to some of my best experiences in game development. I'm always excited to use my strengths to help a team get to a better final product.


I love tackling new challenges, whether they be different areas of game design, programming interesting mechanics, or even learning different kinds of art. For that reason, I have worn many hats as a designer.


I enjoy playing all kinds of games, trying out stuff that is new to me whenever I can, though my favorite games to play tend to be indies, rogue-likes, and co-op games. I also like to watch videos on game design and development online. Recently I have been practicing art for fun and teaching myself how to cook.


  • Creating game design documents

  • Collaborating on team projects

  • Systems Design

  • Level Design

  • Content & Encounter Design

  • Running & evaluating game testing

  • Scrum & Agile teamwork 

  • Project Management


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